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Safe, Efficient, & Reliable School Bus Services  

Everyday, thousands of students entrust our safe, efficient, and reliable school transportation service to deliver them to their place of learning. For years, we have been one of the most reputable school bus contractors in NCR. Since our humble beginnings, Educare Travels Bus has always been focused on providing the absolute best school bus transportation services available. After all, providing safe, efficient, and reliable bus transportation for schools is the cornerstone of our business. Let our and most experienced yet enthusiastic school bus transportation companies help you with your needs.

School Transportation Services to Fit Any Need

Although it is our primary business, school bus transportation is not all Educare Travels provides.. From small, vans and midsized vehicles to fifty (50) passenger school buses, our team of school transportation professionals are trained, certified, and ready to help. We understand that, although traditional school bus transportation gets the majority of students to school, special needs transportation requires a company with real life experience. Let the school transportation experts at Educare Travels help deliver your school’s students safely.

A Transportation Company You Can Depend On

Educare Travels is a company that provides the safest and most efficient transportation solutions available. We’re large enough to offer the best school bus transportation services in the industry, but small enough to provide all of our customers with the personalized attention they deserve. Partner with us to be your pupil transportation provider. Contact us to learn more about our school transportation services.


  • School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school.
  • More than 50% children ride school buses throughout the India twice a day.
  • Statistics show that children who walk, ride bicycles, use public transportation, drive themselves, or ride with other students or parents are not as safe as those who ride school buses.
  • This is a responsibility we do not take lightly.
  • Safety is the first and most important mission of our every employee.
  • The 1,000,000 children we transport daily are our number one priority.
  • With one of the most comprehensive safety and security programs in the industry, we take pride in our record for safely transporting your children to and from school each day.
  • We have developed system-wide security procedures and protocols for both drivers and maintenance personnel.
  • We provide extensive training of drivers to maintain order on buses while working with school boards to develop a code of conduct for their students.
  • Safety and security for children on our school buses is a team effort between parents, students, administrators and us.
  • We are proud to take the lead to ensure the safety and security of our passengers.

Transport Management Services

What are Managed Transportation Services?

Allows your school management to continue with its own fleet and facilities while we manage

  • Operations
  • Driver recruiting and training
  • Safety
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Routing/ scheduling.

Often coupled with a tax exempt Leasing Program, which allows you to purchase vehicles at Low-lending rates and secure very low, affordable financing.

If you would like to continue owning your school bus fleet and facilities, Aditya Transport & Logistics Services can provide a “managed transportation” service that covers all day-to-day operations such as

  • Dispatch and pick up
  • Routing and scheduling
  • Driver training and staffing
  • Maintenance and more.
  • This is considered a hybrid approach where schools maintain ownership of the assets, but benefit from our operations expertise.  Our team will work closely with you every day to create a transportation system that is truly effective and truly yours.

In this arrangement, we will help you purchase new vehicles using our expertise in selecting best vehicle.  This program provides school management with a new source of capital for equipment purchases from third parties such as leasing companies and banks.

The companies and banks leases the equipment at a lower cost than traditional financing alternatives through a special tax incentive program offered to schools.