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In the growing scenario where schools are around everywhere, It is important to understand the market potential and return on investments for a given geographical area.The purpose of a Feasibility Study by a focused school consultancy team is to identify the likelihood of setting up a school in the area. In other words, if you are unsure whether your school project will deliver the outcome you want, then a Project Feasibility Study will help gain that clarity. During the Feasibility Study, a variety of ‘assessment’ methods are undertaken. The competitors in the area are analysed to understand the Fee structure, Salary structure, Manpower availability etc……



The detailed project report cum feasibility report  is prepared by first conducting a survey around the site followed by report with demand projections and financials. The report will not only cover your project / investment size but is also helpful in acquiring bank loan ( if required) at a later stage.

The survey will include one member of our School consultancy Team visiting from Delhi- School Site. The team member will stay for a day to complete the survey part. The survey will be followed by a opinion about the investment size, potential market and ROI.

We require a member of your team familiar with the demographics of the area to accompany our team member for better coordination and inputs.

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1 Site Visit- keep copy of site layout with you

2 Survey of area around the site to understand the upcoming establishments

3 Survey of nearby Schools for fee structure, salary structure and volume trends

4 Meeting with locales- preferably school teachers .

5 Identify the best school in your area among the present ones as per your assessment

6 Arrange meeting with individuals who are aware of the general scenario of the town and adjoining areas

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1.Executive Summary
2.Overview Of Education Plans

3.Demographic Trends
4.Urban Economy
5.Site Connectivity
6.Upcoming Demand Generators
7.Proposed Operating Model
8.Vision & Philosophy; Brand name
9.Keys To Success
10.Committees For Management
11.Role/Aims of Society/Trust
12.School Managing Committee
13.Execution & Roll out Plan
14.Approvals, Registrations and Affiliations
15.Curriculum to Be Followed
16.Various Alliances and Partnerships Proposed
17.Infrastructure, Conveniences and Facilities Planned
18.Detailed Infrastructure
19.Human Resource Plan
20.K to 12 School  – Area planning
21.Site Plan
22.Proposed Layout
23.Commissioning and Operation of the School
24.Registers, Books and Records to Be Maintained
25.Rules & Regulations for Admission
27.Formalities to Be Completed Before Joining the School
27.Rules and Regulations to Be Followed By Students
28.Rules and Regulations to Be Followed By Staff
29.ERP System
30.Demand Forecasting (Fee, Students, Etc)
31.Detailed Financials
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Establishing a school requires specialists in the field who have the experience and understand the logistics of the process. The School Consultant will design the best project plan for you.

1.Creating a Vision & Philosophy.
2.Create a Brand name & Logo

3.Aid with Business planning & Financial feasibility
4.Inputs on statutory requirements
5.Help make strategic choices for Board affiliation & type of school
6.Curriculum planning
7.Human resource and recruitment of staff
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