CBSE Affiliation

The highly competitive scenerio in terms number of new schools coming up has pushed schools to work hard on the academic progress of the school. The CBSE affiliation process involves infinite procedures, documentation, Infrastructural requirements and trained manpower to clear the affiliation process. Our team of School Consultants will take care of the whole process, The schools energy will be chanelised in the running of the school , wheras our consultancy team will take care of the affiliation process. Our team comprises of  school consultants who are aware of the affiliation scenerio has inspected more than 100 + schools as a former members of CBSE affiliation panel.



  1. We will complete the application to CBSE – in consultation with the Principal.
  2. We will Open the account on your behalf at CBSE. website
  3. We will Send a list of documents required – which need to be provided by you for the affiliation
  4. First visit by team member will involve training to the management and staff about the total requirement of the CBSE. The staff will be trained over to complete the documentation part.
  5. We will complete the application by 20th June to CBSE
  6. We will Give a detailed requirement list of facilities required before inspection.
  7. Continuous follow up with the CBSE about the application status
  8. Second visit , around one month before inspection to ensure procedures, documentation, Infrastructural requirements and manpower training is complete.
  9. Planning of the inspection day
  10. Coordination with the inspection committee.
  11. Third visit, Our Presence will be there during inspection.
  12. Follow up after inspection till the affiliation is granted.
  13. In case of deficiencies / objections from CBSE, We will guide you on clearing up these objections.


Recently CBSE has changed the norms and is very particular about the way school are following the norms ,therefore it is important to understand the fresh requirements fo CBSE for a smooth inspection and successful grant of affiliation.